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A140 and A143 KFC and Starbucks Stuston development faces strong opposition from parish councils

Neighbouring councils have voiced vehement objections to proposals to build a KFC and Starbucks on land adjoining the A140 and A143 at Stuston.

Objections have been put forward by Stuston Parish Council, Brome and Oakley Parish Council and Scole Parish Council in the weeks since the application was first submitted at the end of last month.

Views opposing the project centre partly on flooding issues, with council members from all parishes raising the issue of the site being located on a flood zone which was underwater just three months ago.

The site adjoins the A140 and A143. Picture: Google. (45437796)
The site adjoins the A140 and A143. Picture: Google. (45437796)

Roger Greenacre, chairman of Stuston’s parish meetings, said: “Our parish meeting highlighted many reasons why we oppose this development, but one of our main priorities is to ensure the progress of local businesses in Diss isn’t hindered by large fast food outlets which would be better placed in an urban environment.

“We objected to the nearby BP and McDonalds project for exactly these reasons, and strongly oppose the argument that approval in that case sets a precedent for this one.

“We stand with the majority of residents who oppose this project, but fear that as before, they will be ignored.”

Among concerns over flooding, the application has attracted objections over the presence of bats and the possibility of increased litter.

Brome and Oakley Parish Council said: “The site is currently an open area of significant wildlife and biodiversity.

“As well as the significant environmental damage caused by the creation of such buildings and hard standing, there will be ongoing damage from pollutants, traffic fumes and lighting as well as increased litter which such takeaway establishments generate.”

The statement went on to raise questions over the impact on local farm shops, cafés and the rural economy, and highlighted possible issues created by a lack of staff parking provisions.

Archaeological considerations are also a point of contention with the application, as the site, which is a designated greenfield location, is situated on a Roman settlement area.

An archaeological report attached to the application said: “The site is known to be within the southern ‘suburb’ of the Roman small town of Scole and there is the potential for burials from the early Roman period and for scattered pre-Roman activity.

“As a result, there is high potential for the discovery of additional below-ground heritage assets of archaeological importance within this development area, and groundworks associated with the development have the potential to damage or destroy any archaeological remains which exist.”

Further doubts exist over the application in its current form, as Scole Parish Council highlighted in its appraisal of the project.

“An insufficient notice period has been given by site display and/or adjoining owners in breach of Town & Country Planning.

“The ingress/egress off the A143 sits on land owned by Scole Parish Council. The legal right of vehicular traffic to utilise this to access the development is yet to be ascertained.”

Mid Suffolk District Council is still considering the proposal and a decision is not thought to be imminent.

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