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Conference to focus on the Battle of Fornham

A little-known battlefield just outside Bury St Edmunds is the subject of a conference later this month.

The Battle of Fornham conference, at the Priory Hotel, Bury, on October 19, is the first in a series of events leading up to the 2023 850th anniversary of the internationally-significant battle.

Conference speakers include:

Battle of Fornham (18765237)
Battle of Fornham (18765237)
  • Dr James Barnaby, from the University of East Anglia, who will talk about the context of the Battle of Fornham in the rebellion of 1173-4.
  • Julie Walker, a specialist osteoarchaeologist, who will discuss the battlefield dead.
  • Michael Rayner, of the Battlefield Trust, who will talk about the Battle of Fornham and the trust’s interest in the battlefield site.
  • Peter Thompson, project officer with Archaeological Solutions and member of the Battlefield Trust’s Mortimer Cross project, who will talk about archaeological finds from the Battle of Fornham site.

The Battle of Fornham, on October 17, 1173, was a significant political event because if it was won by royalists Henry II stood a chance of containing the rebellion and retaining the crown, however, had the rebels won, Henry II may well have lost control of England and the power struggle with his eldest son.

Fornham is one of very few medieval battles in the East of England and it is the only one where historians can be reasonably confident on its location and many of its participants.

- Conference tickets are available for £30, including a buffet lunch. Book through David Austin, 16 Friary Meadow, Bury, IP32 5EJ or email daustin.bt@btinternet.com.