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Are you suffering with a cough after Covid-19?

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We cough to protect our airways and keep the lungs clear.

After a virus such as Covid 19 a dry cough can persist due to irritation and inflammation of the lungs airways and the cough reflex becomes very sensitive.

The more you cough the more irritated the airway membrane becomes and so you can feel you enter a vicious cycle where its difficult to stop coughing and your breathing can be hindered.

Are you suffering with a cough after Covid?
Are you suffering with a cough after Covid?

A persistent dry cough can interfere with sleeping, exercising, eating and speaking. The repeated nature and strength of the cough can also affect continence.

So what can you do to try to manage this?

Try to relax and introduce a mindset of not coughing whilst keeping your mouth closed and trying to breathe through your nose.

West Suffolk Physio has some tips on how to get over a cough after Covid
West Suffolk Physio has some tips on how to get over a cough after Covid

Breathe gently and quietly using an abdominal breathing pattern (feel your tummy rise and fall as you breath in and then gently out). This can take self-discipline and time but it will get easier.

Keep hydrated throughout the day and try taking a sip of warm or cold water if you feel you might start to cough.

Avoid polluted and smoky atmospheres that might provoke coughing and potential triggers from strong perfumes or air fresheners.

Try to keep your nose clear of any congestion so you can breathe better. If you need to blow your nose do this gently blowing one side and then the other. Some people will also find steam inhalation useful.

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If your cough does not settle or you are coughing up coloured or bloodstained phlegm you should seek advice from your GP.

For more advice on cough management, mucus clearance techniques, breathing control and dealing with continence problems please contact us at our private West Suffolk Physiotherapy clinic