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"I'm getting my diary assessed and valued. It could be a Banksy"

Banksy, Banksy, Banksy, Banksy.

Banksy, Banksy.

Banksy, Banksy, Banksy – Banksy,

Not a Banksy.
Not a Banksy.

Banksy, Banksy, Banksy.


If I had £1 for every time I’d heard the name Banksy this week, I would probably have £557.53.

I think someone, somewhere, didn’t quite finish the name.

Or at least spelt it wrong, as I noticed Bansky was trending at one point, and working on the Bansky, or Banksy stories that broke last weekend, made the same mistake myself.

Easily done.

Well I think I would have around £557 but to be honest, I’ve lost count, so could be in for a pleasant, or even unpleasant surprise, either way.

Same as the people at Rickinghall Church who have been wondering if the world-renowned graffiti artist had paid them a visit and left one of his works on their alter during an art exhibition.

Who knows!

Personally I don’t think that is a Banksy as the rat looks more like a mouse and ‘I miss being a tree’, a little too twee for the maverick genius who seems to always hit some truth or other on the head, with a few swings of an aerosol paint can.

A real Banksy found recently in Lowestoft. Picture: Effective Imaging Ltd/East Suffolk District Council
A real Banksy found recently in Lowestoft. Picture: Effective Imaging Ltd/East Suffolk District Council

I also don’t think the woman who contacted us wanting us to pay her to reveal where she ‘thought’ she had seen a Banksy, had seen a Banksy either.

She later sent us a picture, and it’s definitely not a Banksy.

But then who knows.

Perhaps Banksy does the occasional ‘unBanksy’ work just to confuse people.

Even I thought I had discovered a possible Banksy in my office diary. Flicking back, I noticed an array of abstract colours, intermingling, in yellow, green, blue, cyan... and grey.

I wondered if it could be a rare, and therefore extremely valuable Banksy from an unknown and hitherto unseen abstract Banksy period, until remembering I’d had put some printer cartridges on the page some months earlier, and they had leaked.

Either way, I am getting my office diary assessed, and valued.


Even art expert and dealer John Brandler, who owns 18 Banksy works currently on display at Moyse’s Hall, didn’t think seven of the 10 Banksy murals which appeared around Suffolk and Norfolk last week, were genuine Banksy either.

Or at least he was only sure three of them were, until Banksy himself confessed to spraying all 10 as part of his Great British Staycation.

So why did Banksy choose Suffolk and Norfolk for this? Mr Brandler says because he had been to Moyse’s Hall and then just went further east. But again, who knows.

Either way, dear reader, if you made it to the end of this column, you have now read the name Banksy 36 times. So I owe you £36, minus 50p each for the two misspellings.

But please don’t all write in at once, I’m hardly a graffiti millionaire.

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