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Thetford brothers band together to form music hub

A pair of Thetford brothers, one a singer-songwriter and the other a web-designer, have joined forces to help Suffolk music get back on its feet.

Alton Wahlberg and Keith Snowdon have created Music Suffolk, an online hub for musicians, venues, music tutors and studios to have their own pages on to advertise their services and showcase their music.

The idea came when Keith was called by a musician who wanted to get her music out there but could not afford to pay the web-designer for a website of her own.

Alton Wahlberg, pictured, and his brother Keith hope to give a hand to Suffolk’s music industry.
Alton Wahlberg, pictured, and his brother Keith hope to give a hand to Suffolk’s music industry.

Alton said: “She’s like most musicians at the moment, having all their income stopped due to not being able to gig but still wanting to get their music out there.

“So Keith and I chatted about what we could do together to help others in that situation, and that is how Music Suffolk came about.”

The site, which started at the beginning of April, sees people pay a small monthly fee compared to website costs to have their own featured pages on it to showcase what they do and have their contact details on there so people can get in touch.

Alton said “The site has only been up a few weeks now but we are getting a lot of good interest in it and it has really taken off.

“The money that comes in from the subscriptions, we put back into using it for the promotion of the site online so what they are paying for is for the website to be advertised so that even more people see it.”

The singer-songwriter said the pandemic has not just been brutal for those that make music but also those that host it as well, so that is why the hub is open to venues, festivals and studios in the county as well.

He said: “We set up this idea to help as many people involved with music as possible, so the likes of pubs and venues can also advertise their gigs and book musicians from it. We also want music shops, music tutors and all sorts to get involved.”

The pair hope to expand to Norfolk and the Cambridge areas as well if it is a success to help boost the industry further afield.

To find out more about Music Suffolk, go to musicsuffolk.co.uk

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