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Bury St Edmunds authors receive award from USA

Dr James Manning and Dr Nicola Ridgeway with their award-winning book
Dr James Manning and Dr Nicola Ridgeway with their award-winning book

The founders of a Bury St Edmunds-based cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) service have received international recognition for one of their latest books.

Doctors James Manning and Nicola Ridgeway help people with anxiety, depression, personality problems, anger and obsessive compulsive disorder at their West Suffolk CBT Service on Angel Hill.

The pair have also written a number of related books, the first, published in 2009, was aimed at people suffering from depression and anxiety while Journey With Panic, published last year, aims to help people suffering from panic attacks.

The latter, which contains the latest advice on how to stop panic symptoms using CBT, has proved particularly popular in America where it has now won an IndieReader Discovery Award (IRDA) for non fiction.

Last year the same book won a Beverly Hills Book Award after coming top in the contest’s ‘psychiatry – psychology’ category and it was also named in the Huffington Post’s ‘best self-published works of 2016’ for self help books.

Mr Manning said they sell, on average, four times as many books in the USA compared to the UK.

Of winning the IRDA, their highest award to date, he said: “Obviously when the judges look at the book it must speak to them in some kind of way, so, if we feel people can connect with the book, which a lot of people seem to do with our books, we feel like we’re doing a good job helping to change the world very slowly.”

Dr Manning and Dr Ridgeway have written around 10 books with the aim of ‘making complex ideas sound simple’. They are keen to spread that information worldwide and have already seen some of their books translated into other languages.