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CAMILLE BERRIMAN: Brain in gear, it’s Quiz-mas time

A personal view
A personal view

Another festive season is here and we are all no doubt just a little older, wiser, poorer and fatter than we were a month ago.

The annual frenzy of Nativity plays, carol services, social gatherings, card-sending and present-buying should now be at an end and we should be firmly in relaxation mode.

Unfortunately, I am writing these words from my sick bed, having been struck down in spectacular fashion by norovirus overnight on Sunday. However, I’m always one to look on the positives and am consoling myself with the fact that being off my food for a couple of days at the start of Christmas week should allow a little guilt-free overindulgence by the end.

I am fortunate to be spending the break with family and am eagerly anticipating the annual battle of the brains in the Berriman family quiz. This quiz, written by my mother, involves test sheets being handed out which are supposed to be completed in exam conditions.

A period of silence as we all read through the test is followed by head scratching and then the most torturous time as certain family members say out loud what questions they are struggling with and my mother gives the most unsubtle clues to the correct answers. Then there’s usually gentle bickering which escalates to full-scale squabbling.

It has become a family tradition.

Despite being the unbeaten victor for many years, I have not take then top spot since 2011. Now I have a lot to prove and there’s everything to play for, with the winner set to receive a £5 voucher.

I suspect my lovely mum has been gearing the quiz to other people’s talents (after all, there has to be some reason for my sudden change in fortune), so this year I was tempted to read up on other family members’ specialist subjects to give myself the best chance.

Unfortunately the idea of researching hi-fi design or aviation made me feel nauseous (or was that the norovirus?). Instead I am memorising tube stations and which line they run on, major capital cities around the world and English counties and their county towns/cities.

Yes Mummy Berriman, after 30+ years of quizzes I think I’ve realised your favourite questions.

Merry quiz-mas to one and all!