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CAMILLE BERRIMAN: Cobblestones and high heels don’t mix

A personal view
A personal view

A forgotten path tucked away in Bury St Edmunds town centre has prompted some discussion on these letters pages in recent weeks.

I’ll admit, Skinner Street is not an area I’ve frequented since the days the Debenhams store was split between the Buttermarket and The Traverse and you had to cross the street to get from ladies fashion to the homestore. In truth, it’s probably nearly two decades since I trod its cobblestones.

Skinner Street is a part of the town I tend to turn a blind eye to. There’s nothing there of any interest to me and I wouldn’t walk down it to get from one side of the town centre to another. Why not? Well, those cobblestones don’t tend to mix well with high heels for one, and if walking across town I probably also want to visit one of the businesses on the ‘outward facing’ sides of The Traverse or Buttermarket.

Now, there has been discussion about moving the wheelie bins populating the street into a caged area, making it a no-through road for traffic and repairing the pavements. If those cobblestones and pavements are perilous for pedestrians I agree they should be looked at, but I’m not convinced Skinner Street will ever be a bustling gem. Businesses will always need deliveries and their waste collected, and then there is the question of the market day refuse lorry. Many moons ago that lorry was based in the middle of the market. Debate from readers then prompted the council to move it to Skinner Street in an attempt to make the market experience more pleasant. It is now in the ideal location, being near many stalls.

I agree Skinner Street is an area which could do with a little TLC, but I can’t help wondering how well it would be used if it underwent a costly makeover.

n I am sad to report I did not win the latest Berriman family festive quiz. My mother well and truly stitched me up with a 28-question picture round featuring car manufacturer logos. This was clearly aimed at the boys and I was beaten into third place. I am calling for an independent quiz master for our 2015 battle of the brains. Volunteers welcome!