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CAMILLE BERRIMAN: I’m dreaming of a hot tub Christmas

A personal view
A personal view

This week, most readers will have been wrapping up warm against the elements and bemoaning having to de-ice their cars. I, on the other hand, have been dreaming of my bikini.

It may be December, but I was seriously contemplating the prospect of getting my winter-white limbs out and braving the elements in swimwear. This daydream was not about escaping the UK for a sun-soaked beach break (although many already know I am a die-hard holiday fan), rather engaging in a more unusual festive activity.

Have you heard of Hot Tub Cinema? Neither had I until last week, when it popped up on my Facebook news feed. The basic premise of the activity is that you sit in a hot tub and watch a film. The idea entranced me.

I have been a fan of hot tubs since a friend’s parents invested in one last summer and we were invited to their home for a barbecue. After several hours of sitting outside in the cold and rain (typical British weather) I relented and joined the group in the hot tub. Within moments of dipping my toe in the water my core temperature started to rise. I was sold.

Alas, all attempts at persuading my husband to invest in one fell on deaf ears. He had a point when he said a hot tub would take up half our compact Moreton Hall garden... although I thought sacrificing the lawn would be worth it.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning, when I received an email saying I had won tickets to a Hot Tub Cinema screening of the movie Bad Santa. There I sat at my desk, dreaming about putting on a bikini and watching a festive film from the warmth of a hot tub. Five minutes later the bubble burst when I realised the screening was in London, at 6.30pm, on a work night. Logistically it was impossible. However, if Hot Tub Cinema would like to offer a screening in Bury St Edmunds, I’ll be first in line for tickets!

While my hot tub persuasion attempts failed, I am happy to report my beloved did take a Christmas present hint. As such, our new fridge freezer will be delivered on Tuesday. Not as exciting as a hot tub, but I still can’t wait.