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Comment: Give this crazy road closure an urgent rethink says editor Barry Peters

Some decisions simply beggar belief.

You, like me, put your trust in politicians and paid officials to make our lives better. We all want a good, efficient and fast NHS. We want schools to perform well and for our old people to be looked after with dignity.

Sometimes, decisions are taken out of our hands and we have to rely on elected officials and paid civil servants to make informed and robust decisions. That’s usually when the fun starts.

Take the closure of Eastgate Street, in the centre of Bury St Edmunds, for 12 days.

Barry Peters Picture Mark Westley (15734726)
Barry Peters Picture Mark Westley (15734726)


Eastgate Street is a key route in and out of town for the thousands on Moreton Hall and for others rat-running via Hollow Road. It’s quiet at the moment with school traffic removed – what an excellent time this would be to close the road. But no. The work starts just as little Jack returns to class and the roads are choked once again.

Inane decisions need challenging – Bury St Edmunds Town Council should revoke its decision agreeing to the work, stop gridlock in its tracks and the county council should reschedule to a better time.

Barry Peters, Editor