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Bury St Edmunds Rickshaw volunteers have been busy promoting its services

With our fleet of four rickshaws, over 40 volunteers with their bikes, further relaxing of Covid restrictions and lighter days ahead, we were delighted to be approached by an extremely talented filmmaker and active community supporter, Evie Troy.

Evie has a production company, Troy Productions, based here in Bury St Edmunds and after hearing about us from a friend who has been shielding and using our services over the lockdown, Evie kindly offered to shoot a promotional film for us.

Cue Evie’s detailed shoot plan, camera assistant Clara, the promise of sunshine, some exciting drone action (and me as rookie project manager), we spent an action-packed two days filming rides, partner locations, supporters, passengers, volunteers and lots of lovely people across the town who waved and smiled and offered us all manner of support.

The busy lunchtime crowd didn’t even seem to mind us holding them up outside Greggs in Abbeygate Street, where we spent ages getting some tricky pastry delivery footage just right.

We are looking forward to seeing the finished result any time now and then it will be all the way to the One Show!

Keen for continued exposure of the three-wheeled stars of our film, and to show our appreciation for all our sponsors and supporters and give people a chance to find out first-hand how it feels to ride our rickshaws, we held a pop-up event on Angel Hill over the Easter weekend where we were ideally placed to let people know how they can utilise our services and keep our wheels moving.

Bury St Edmunds Rickshaw staged a pop-up event and has been creating a promotional film
Bury St Edmunds Rickshaw staged a pop-up event and has been creating a promotional film

There were blankets on hand and rudimentary tour guide banter for visitors who had come to spend time with their families.

We had a brisk take up for rides around the town, the Abbey Gardens, to the car park and even one for a speedy coffee rendezvous! Photo bombing aside, we almost persuaded one of the three bride and grooms we came across to whisk them back to the Athenaeum. Cue lots more smiles and even more ideas for our wheels going forward.

If you would like a free ride or delivery, or you would like to arrange one for someone you know, call us 01284 339449. We’d also love to hear from you have a challenge for us or if you would like to support us in any way.

Amanda Martin, volunteer rider and trustee

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