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Coronavirus log: I’m increasingly grateful to fellow sports nerds on YouTube

Week three of lockdown has felt like something of a turning point in the coronavirus crisis for me personally. I’ve now established something of a routine anchored by our Bury Free Press news conference and the government’s press briefing.

Before the working day begins, I’ve got into the habit of going for a run and once I’m done with work for the day I am turning my attention to my university coursework. I feel lucky to have enough to keep me occupied and I am as busy as ever.

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Coronavirus day log (32846098)
Coronavirus day log (32846098)

I’m also feeling more content with my day. For the first couple of weeks of lockdown, I faced a barrage of articles and conversations that seemed to be telling me to always be doing more with my day; learn new skills, take up an instrument or develop a new hobby. But after a few days of feeling stressed that I was not doing enough, I’ve learned to shut out any voices telling me that I am being unproductive.

"The final hour of the day has become a coronavirus free zone."

A couple of coping mechanisms have also been added to get me through this. The final hour of the day has become a coronavirus free zone - no conversation or news, as hard as that sounds. The soul destroying sight of closed shops has also been less depressing now I am not so regularly going out into town.

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My week has also been helped along by some of my regular meetings continuing in a different format. My church has started streaming live services and holding other meetings on Zoom - a programme I’d never heard of until last week, but now can’t do without. Even university lectures are continuing thanks to video and chat forums. Luckily my friends are still willing to socialise, although I am missing the pub more than just about anything.


I am increasingly grateful for fellow sporting nerds uploading a mass amount of content onto YouTube. My months and years are landmarked by whatever sporting event is going on. If you say ‘2009’ to me, my first thought is Usain Bolt in Berlin (I know this is weird…) So news that the Olympics is postponed, and now Wimbledon has been called off is a bit like telling me that 2020 is not happening. What will I now reference to remember this year by? Thankfully, there is now time to relive some of the sporting events of the past - so I can enjoy moments I’d almost forgotten being played out again. This week I have found myself watching ‘best Premier League own goals’ and ‘World Touring Car Championship 2008 highlights’. For a few moments it felt like the world was still turning.


A gripe has been how hard it has become to get my hands on a national newspaper. Many titles are now offering a free delivery, but this does not extend to my post code it seems. As for other delivery options, it also appears my house is somehow out of bounds - as if I live on a remote island. If anyone has any suggestions, please do get in touch, as braving a supermarket all for the sake of getting a newspaper seems a bit out of the spirit of Stay Home, Save Lives etc.