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Coronavirus log: Is yet more evil still to be unleashed?

Editor Barry Peters fears we have only just seen the start of the evil which viruses could inflict in the future.

Our coronavirus log is a real snapshot of the grief process.

I've asked all reporters and editors to write personal pieces to detail how they are feeling in these times of uncertainty, upheaval and loss.

Yes, loss. That's what we are suffering - a loss of liberty and a loss of our normal way of life.

log (33259206)
log (33259206)

The five stages of grief begin with denial and isolation. We've all nailed that one.

We move on through anger. I'm sure households across the UK have been similar to my own and had instances of sniping and griping for a few moments, or possibly longer. It's unsettling for us all and small issues inevitably bubble to the surface. Even cooking, cleaning and washing up become new minefields.

Bargaining is the next grief stage - what if. What if the Chinese (or whoever) had done things differently? What if we had planned for Scenario X better? What if more cash had been pumped into the NHS long before all of this? What if...

This moves on then to depression.

Mental health and wellbeing has been at the forefront of many discussions since day one of Covid-19 and our lockdown. We are much more mindful of what people are going through and more receptive than ever before to people's feelings - though we did start at quite a low point in terms of knowledge and acceptance if we're being honest.

Finally, there's acceptance.

I think I'm at this point now - we are under lockdown, it's likely to continue and the warnings of a second spike in the virus are clear and apparent.

The daily fight for a window of exercise continues, as too does the daily struggle to find a clock and collect slot. I'm reading more and watching TV less. The washing basket is regularly emptied and there are no shirts to iron (which is a *real* positive).

I'm making plans for when we get 'back to normal'. But I wonder what that normal is going to look like. We can't simply go back to having 30,000 people in a football stadium or 200 people in a club on a Friday night the day after restrictions are lifted.

But my real fear is this. If a virus from China (reportedly) can put our own PM in intensive care for a few days, getting to the very heart of government, and can infect the Prince of Wales, the power of this and other viruses cannot now be taken quite so lightly for what they are - potential forces of evil.