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Coronavirus log: working from home can be a shadowy business

'I'm just going to pick up a package from someone's doorstep'.

My wife was visibly confused by this statement, but I decided to keep it under wraps until my return.

Sneaking out the house into the dark night (so as not to wake the kids up who we had only just got down) I hit the empty streets before pulling the car up at the designated location.

Sports editor Russell Claydon working from home during the coronavirus pandemic (31986800)
Sports editor Russell Claydon working from home during the coronavirus pandemic (31986800)

Sure enough, on the doorstep was the plastic bag with the goods in. I scooped them up, had a quick look round to see if anyone was watching, and quickly got back in the car.

It all felt very dramatic.

Back in the comfort of my house/office I revealed what I had collected to my wife's surprise.

'Notepads and pens?!'

It was a plan that my editor had hatched to help with my dwindling home supplies, having been instructed not to allow us back in the office on a company directive.

It seemed a fitting end to a day of stealth tactics to get myself through this working-from-home scenario.

With two under fives in the house I had tried to make it seem like I wasn't there, tapping away quietly from behind a closed door on my wife's dressing table in our bedroom.

Except at one point I had ventured out for a toilet stop and forgot to shut the door.

Staring at my screen deep in thought, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a 'hello daddy, what you doing?!' Finding my two-year-old staring wide-eyed up at me with a big grin on her face.

Then there was the conference call earlier in the day when my wife had almost burst in shouting my name while cleaning her teeth in her pyjamas, not realising what was going on.

Fortunately, no one noticed as I had my microphone muted (we only put it on when we speak to avoid the interference).

The good thing about the office is that you notice if you haven't got up for a while.

In isolation at home, you have to try and remember before the hours slip by.

My wife's already noted she had forgot I was there.

I guess I'm beginning to get the hang of this covert working in a house with children.

It's just a shame Boris' 'coronavirus fight-back' instructions permit me from sneaking off to the pub once in a while!

* P.s considering sport has gone into lockdown we seem to have been writing more than ever about it! It has been a crazy whirlwind week but maybe that will soon change now.

To play on a sporting reference we are definitely going to have to start thinking 'outside the box'...Any ideas of things you would like to read welcome. Email me by clicking my name at the top of this article.