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Coronavirus update: Method of recording Covid-19 deaths changes as number of new cases gives cause for positivity

The number new coronavirus cases recorded in the UK has remained steady over the last 48 hours, but is almost 400 lower than this time last week.

This is despite the number of tests carried out having risen from 22,814 to 52,429 in the same period.

Figures suggest that lockdown is beginning to have a significant impact on new cases and gives cause for positivity going forward.

There has been a slight decline in new cases
There has been a slight decline in new cases

The upswing in deaths today is purely the result of a change in the method of recording data, with deaths outside of hospitals now also being counted and deaths from previous weeks in those circumstance all being added to the totals today.

When counting all deaths over the past day, 765 have sadly died, which almost identical to the figure of 759 released exactly one week ago, and figures from outside hospitals are now included in today's counts.

Total new cases for the past day stand at 4,076 compared 4,451 and there is good reason to believe that tide against coronavirus is beginning to slowly turn.

There is still a long way to go before we can think of the virus as contained however, and government advice to stay at home remains firmly in place.