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Bury St Edmunds social media expert Kim Morrison offers advice on creating content that leads to sales

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Following on from my last article, which gave you ‘9 Content Ideas for any Niche’, when you sit down to develop your content marketing plan, it’s important to realise you need to create content that sells for you.

The great thing about this is that you can repurpose content, use original work, and you can hire writers.

You can create content that sells for you without working yourself to death if you have a plan. Because the truth is, many businesses are generating a lot of content, but their sales don’t stand up to the amount of work they’re doing. To ensure that you create the right content that will sell your products and services for you, you’ll need to understand the product, the audience, and the platforms you’re using.

Kim Morrison (17692443)
Kim Morrison (17692443)

List the Products or Services You Want to Promote

This is going to help you know what types of content you need to create. Know what problems each product or service solves so you can develop five to ten effective calls to action to use throughout your content development.

Understand Your Audience and Their Buying Journey

Know everything you can about your audience, including their buying journey. There are four basic stages to the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration, decision, and loyalty. Know where your audience is in this process based on where you’re sharing your messages. That way, you can send them the right content at the right time.

List the Platforms You Use for Promotion

What platforms does your audience hang out on? If they’re on LinkedIn, you should be there. If they’re on Pinterest, there too. Wherever they are, make a presence as this is where you’ll want to share the content you create.

List the Marketing Collateral You Need

The other writing you’ll need to do is anything for direct marketing collateral like websites, sales pages, white papers, and flyers. If you need to create the overarching story of your brand, you’ll need to do that. If you need more educational blog posts about your niche, that’s what you need. You’ll match the type of content to the platform and the platform to your audience’s journey.

Make it a Habit

When you develop the right content for the right place, you’ll see your profit margins explode beyond what you thought was possible. If you have an honest and good product that really solves a problem, there is no reason why you cannot succeed. One way to succeed is to determine what you need each time you want to promote a product so that you already know what to create in advance.

Remember you can repurpose the content you create so that you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. There is nothing wrong with using a paragraph from your brochure in a blog post to promote something related. Reusing the content in many ways is what’s going to really push your business to grow because you have a plan and you’re implementing your plan.



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