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Great Barton Nostalgia - Spiked metal cube which appeared in Icepits Wood sparks fear of black magic

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In today's nostalgia we transport back to 1995 when a weird spiked metal cube suspended by ropes which suddenly appeared in the depths of a Great Barton wood, near Bury St Edmunds, spooked villagers.

Fears of black magic or similar rituals kept people who regularly walked their dogs in Icepits Wood away from the mysterious object - although others thought it was an elaborate hoax.

A white witch believed it may have been an altar used for a healing ritual.

Police officers next to the strange box which was found in Icepits Wood in Great Barton
Police officers next to the strange box which was found in Icepits Wood in Great Barton

Steve Williams, landlord at the Bunbury Arms at the time which backed onto the woods, said: "Several customers have seen it and are very puzzled.

"Nobody knows why it's there or how it arrived - it's just a wonder."

The 14 ins square cube, made of precision-cut metal sheets bolted together, hung from four trees with a metal spike on four sides.

Two diamond and two rectangle-shaped candle-holders painstakingly made of paper-maché were at the end of each spike, with small candles nailed to them.

Pictures of a naked bodybuilder and an hourglass decorated two of the holders and eight ft long taught ropes, tied with meticulous knots, held the box two ft off the ground.

A wiccan, or white witch, who wished not to be named, said it was unlikely the box would have been used for anything sinister.

"It may well be some kind of altar for an outdoor festival," she said.

"An important pagan festival, Lammas, takes place overnight on July 31 and August 1 and it's possible this may have been somebody celebrating early or getting ready for it."

At the time police officers were investigating the mysterious box.