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Fear flood-hit junction at Ixworth could cause an accident

Accident fears have been raised over a flood-hit junction in Ixworth.

The junction of Pakenham, Road, Ixworth, with the A143 regularly floods, with water spilling across Pakenham Road on to the A143.

Thurston resident Graham Balaam contacted the Bury Free Press after experiencing dangerous conditions on Monday. He said the matter had been reported to Suffolk Highways throughout the past 18 months.

Flooding at the junction of Pakenham Road with the A143 at Ixworth (21536416)
Flooding at the junction of Pakenham Road with the A143 at Ixworth (21536416)

“Last winter we reported it as being highly dangerous when the road temperatures are low and the water from the flood is dragged on to the main highway by cars exiting the junction and that water then turning to ice, giving less grip to those vehicles pulling out and no grip for any using the highway, where the speed limit is 60mph,” he said.

“The water on Monday morning was over kerb height and could also be an issue for smaller cars getting stuck.”

In January, Suffolk Highways told Mr Balaam it was aware of the problem and the works were scheduled to be looked at within the 2019/20 budget.

Mr Balaam said: “We again reported this issue last week as they have had numerous opportunities during the summer months when it was dry to fix the drainage and done nothing.

“There will be an accident at this junction this winter if it is not fixed. I use the road every morning between 7.30am and 8am at a time the traffic heading to Bury is heavy and vehicles turning right have to ‘jump’ into the gaps of oncoming traffic. I have already witnessed numerous near-misses,” added Mr Balaam.

A Suffolk Highways spokesman said drainage engineers were in the process of designing an improvement scheme, due to take place in 2020/21.

“In the meantime, we have placed sign boards on site to warn road users and will continue monitoring the location,” said the spokesman.

“We encourage all road users to drive to the conditions of the road.”