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Editor's comment: Reliable, trusted words are vital for us all, says Barry Peters

What is news?

Is it a story about the latest celebrity TV show, who’s kissing whom and what are they wearing?

Is it an ailing President Trump, struggling to breathe at the White House having been treated for Covid-19?

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1140728159 (42591497)

Is it the latest on a new Bury St Edmunds hospital and the when, where, why and how much will it cost analysis?

Someone, somewhere, will want to know about all the above. Tailoring these to the right audience – and on a platform where the most people will read it (print, digital, TV, social) – is the business end of news which executives wrestle with daily.

But how do you, the reader, the consumer, decide what you believe, who to trust and therefore where to get your news from?

This week is Journalism Matters week (see page 13). It’s a week to celebrate those reporters in our towns and in others across the UK who live alongside you, bring you unbiased news and trusted words via a brand that’s been going (in the Bury Free Press case) for 165 years.

So buy a paper. Subscribe to our app. Applaud democracy and the light we shine on authority and the inspiring people we present to you every single day.

Newsrooms have been decimated by Covid-19 just like every other business and the professional journalism you get from the Bury Free Press needs your support now more than ever.

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Barry Peters has been editor of the Bury Free Press since 2000 and a journalist for 36 years.