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Education duo Greg Sadler and Paul Shanks launch podcast The Brick In The Wall

Two education leaders have launched a podcast to share light-hearted and topical discussions to help teachers' professional development.

Greg Sadler and Paul Shanks, who both work for the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust (EMAT), can be heard on The Brick In The Wall podcast sharing their expertise and speaking to others working in education.

Episodes have seen them cover topics such as changes in education since the 1980s, online learning, the new Ofsted framework and reopening schools following the lockdown.

The Brick In The Wall
The Brick In The Wall

Paul, director of primary education for EMAT, said: "Greg and I were talking about how can we support teachers during lockdown. Professional development is key to absolutely everything. We needed a mechanism of being able to deliver that to teachers but we wanted parents to be able to access it so they get an understanding of what education is really like, the challenges and how enjoyable education can really be.

"It's giving people almost starters for 10, we would give them some information but the whole idea is it would prompt a discussion."

Greg, area executive principal for Thetford at EMAT, said: "It's very light hearted. We're trying to appeal to the masses. Some of the feedback has been they found it really interesting, funny but have left learning something new."

Greg Sadler
Greg Sadler

Both have worked in education for 25 years in a range of roles including teaching, senior leadership and executive management.

While they share their experiences, they also speak to others in the profession. In one episode they interviewed leaders of a school inHungary, which re-opened for early years following lockdown.

Paul, 46, of King's Lynn, said: "We were really keen to point out it was an international school but the process they went through may support colleagues here who may under go the same planning process."

On what they have learnt from the podcast, named after Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, Greg, 46, of Bury St Edmunds, said: "We're not alone and we've got lots of shared thinking and there's little snippets of best practice we've taken away and we've thought about things differently."

Paul Shanks
Paul Shanks

One episode, titled 'Online Learning: The age of the extrovert', looks at home schooling and remote learning during lockdown.

The podcasts have attracted listeners from across the world including Singapore and Australia.

Paul said they have been recording as many episodes as they can as they react to the changing situation with coronavirus but their plan is to deliver a weekly format.

While they are using their contacts to speak to different individuals in the profession, they are also keen to hear from people who have 'something interesting to say'.

Visit https://thebrickinthewall.com/