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Efficient businesses can help take sting out of the tail of energy crisis

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Green View by Peter Gudde
Green View by Peter Gudde

I am not sure if this has ever been done before in print, but I would like to claim a World First in this month’s article.

I plan to name check the High Sheriff of Suffolk, talk business efficiency and have a go at wasps all at once.

I have no deep knowledge about any of these subjects but thought that I might weave them together in a passing attempt to cover off some current environmental issues.

First, it’s wasps; or more accurately hornets – there, I told you I would be culpable of technical inaccuracy – but they are the same species, Vespa (as in the Italian scooter).

And it’s the Asian Hornet that I want to warn you about.

It has recently appeared in this country, being seen for the first time in Gloucestershire a week ago, although it’s been moving steadily west from tropical South East Asia for some years.

This vicious stinger has a nasty habit of biting the heads off bees, and a few of these predators working together can take down a hive in a couple of hours.

Bad news for our bees, serious news for honey production and potentially devastating for wild flower and crop pollination.

Our bee population has been on the decline over several decades or more, thought to be through a combination of pesticide use, habitat loss and diseases spread by the parasitic Varroa mite.

Now our honey bees face another threat with this invasive predator taking no prisoners alive.

Not that you probably have the desire to get up close to this critter but if you want to see what they look like then check out the Beekeepers Association website, http://www.bbka.org.uk/help/asian_hornet

So here is the tenuous link to my two other subjects.

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Business Energy Efficiency Anglia (BEE Anglia) with keynote speaker William Kendall, our current High Sheriff (see where I am going on this?).

His passion for the entrepreneurial spirit of small business in our region came through in his endorsement of this new service for local enterprise.

He sees local businesses as part of the solution to a sustainable economy with more efficient businesses being able create long term value.

BEE Anglia offers advice and grant support to help local businesses implement the next generation of energy efficiency measures.

I could say BEE Anglia could help your business to sweet success but that would be too corny.

No more droning on from me then, so I’ll buzz off until next month.

Register for interest on www.beeanglia.org or call 01473 350370.

Anyone who would like more information about energy efficiency and renewable energy services to your business in West Suffolk should call 01284 757400 of www.greensuffolk.org/at-work/funding

-- Peter Gudde is environment for St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath councils