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Extra letters, February 22 - Part 2


Yes, news readers, “Mary Poppins” glided in on her umbrella to Thurston Community College on Thursday night [pictured, left] to dish out her magic bottle of potions to the audience, with mainstay songs Supercalifragilistic- expialidocious, Chim Chim Cheree and Feed the Birds, plus all the other musical numbers that go with this production, so well sung by the cast with such professionalism.

The audience were “flying like kites” to this extravagance of musical theatre. To sum up: It was the Baftas last week in London, but this week we award the Bafta to Thurston Community College. Many thanks to all who helped put on such a wonderful production.

Anne and Michael Torode

Via email


While the planet’s metabolism is in the process of the sixth mass extinction, and well on the way for unpredictable climate breakdown, the deniers, the regressives and the reactionaries hold sway on our political and economic institutions.

There is not much time left, as established by scientists and academics, before we will face extreme dilemmas of rising sea levels, global crop failures and massive numbers of climate refugees. The questions are: “Do we wander, by apathy and complacency, into disaster?” or “Do our collective survival instincts trigger the change necessary to avert our own extinction?”

Everyone needs to face these questions, honestly and rationally, to decide the outcome. Time is running out and tough decisions are necessary.

No, Extinction Rebellion members don’t enjoy being the people holding up the placard proclaiming, “The End of the World is Nigh”, but needs must as more people grapple, emotionally, with the reality of our predicament and realisation that action is required to bring our species to its senses. Attempting to continue the present situation is not an option.

Malcolm Searle

Bury St Edmunds


I feel I must reply to the letter from Jill Mortiboys (Letters&Opinions, February 15). Firstly, my original letter was about attitudes to smoking in general.

The fact that the BFP chose to stress the aspect of my travelling to Belgium for cheaper supplies was their choice. However, I can say that last year I saved £600 on the cost of buying tobacco in Britain! This is a considerable saving for a pensioner on a low income.

I would further add that I did say in my letter that I do not “inflict” my smoking on others who do not like it, so there is no need for anyone to ask me to do so.

(As a matter of fact, my former long-term lady friend used to suffer from severe breathing difficulties, but she did not smoke, so I never smoked in her presence.)

To answer another comment, I have long been a member of UKIP and strongly believe that any “deal” with the EU would be a trap for Britain, so we need to throw off the chains of bondage and and stand up to them by a total withdrawal. I do not believe that my annual trip to Belgium would be curtailed by this.

Whilst I respect the views of a “71-year-old lifelong non-smoker”, I request that she equally respects the views of a 76-year-old lifelong smoker, and does not seek to publicly criticise me for my “choice” to smoke and my view that Britain should “take back control” of her destiny.

John Shayer



Par for Parkinson’s is a fundraiser that gives you the opportunity to create your own golfing event to raise vital funds for charity Parkinson’s UK.

Whether you want to organise a golf competition, take on a Three Course Challenge, or hold a golf quiz night, there’s something for all golf fans.

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition that affects 145,000 people in the UK, including an estimated 13,700 people in the East of England.

Parkinson’s UK is the leading charity driving better care, treatments and quality of life for those with the condition.

Its mission is to find a cure and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s UK estimate that there are more than 40 symptoms of the condition. As well as the most widely known symptom – tremor – these range from physical symptoms like muscle stiffness to depression, anxiety, hallucinations, memory problems and dementia, but Parkinson’s affects everyone differently.

To find out how you can take part and make a difference, visit: www.parkinsons.org.uk/golf.

Lucy Dalgress

Parkinson’s UK