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How West Suffolk Physio can help if you're suffering from fatigue after Covid-19

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Feeling tired and lacking in energy is common after Covid-19. Levels of fatigue can vary depending on whether you were hospitalised or not and how fit and well you were before contracting Covid-19.

Not only can you feel you are depleted of energy but you could feel more general aches and pains. Concentration can also be affected and you might feel more easily irritated or frustrated than usual.

The good news is that you can improve with some careful management.

Stock image of an exhausted person
Stock image of an exhausted person

The key is to pace your activities by initially doing a little and often and allow more time than usual to do them in.

Plan to do more tiring activities when you feel at your best and work out what the priorities are. Less urgent activities can wait until your energy levels are more consistent or be delegated to someone else perhaps.

Over time you will be able to do more as your overall stamina and exercise tolerance improves.

West Suffolk Physio logo
West Suffolk Physio logo

Getting out in the fresh air and planning a daily routine can help in pacing yourself back to health.

Try to alleviate any anxieties by talking to others and spend time on relaxation techniques. Having time to rest is just as important as exercise so listen to your body.

Initially during the day regular 30-40 minutes rest periods are usually enough to top up the energy levels. At night promote a good sleep routine and ensure the bedroom is cool and dark.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol directly before going to bed. Stop watching screens at least 30 minutes before sleeping.

Remember to plan, prioritise and pace your activities

Please contact the West Suffolk physio clinic on 01284 713721 if you need help in recovering from Covid-19 symptoms such as fatigue, loss of fitness or have ongoing breathing problems.