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Hartest grandfather Ian Simpson wins custody of murdered son Michael's daughter Alice, but her brother Jack must stay in China

The Hartest father of a Next executive murdered in China has gained custody of his granddaughter but has been forced to leave his grandson behind, it has been reported.

Ian Simpson, his ex-wife Linda and his wife Diana, have been locked in a legal battle to bring grandchildren Jack, eight, and Alice, six, back from China to live in Suffolk.

The children had been living with their maternal grandparents in Nanzhang since their father Michael, 34, was killed in March 2017 by his estranged wife Wei Wei Fu, who is serving a life sentence.

Ian Simpson with his grandchildren Jack and Alice (6254280)
Ian Simpson with his grandchildren Jack and Alice (6254280)

As reported in the Mail on Sunday, Alice Simpson was flown to Britain at the weekend after Ian and Linda handed over £9,200 to the family of Wei Wei Fu.

Jack was left behind as his Chinese grandparents – prizing boys over girls – refused to give him up.

Mr Simpson, of Brockley Road, said before last year's court hearing: "The last 16 months has been like a roller coaster ride. We go forward and then it feels like we come crashing down, then we go forward again."

Mr Simpson and his family and friends raised thousands of pounds to cover legal fees, while Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt raised the issue during an official visit to Beijing in July.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We continue to support the British relatives of Michael Simpson at this difficult and trying time.

“Our staff remain in close contact with the Chinese authorities.”

Now, Ian and Linda plan to fight until Jack is reunited with Alice.