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First-class decision on Stadler and Bombardier trains to immediately affect commuters on regional routes

Greater Anglia has stopped selling first-class tickets on all regional routes on its network.

The decision will have an immediate impact on commuters travelling on regional routes and will initially affect the trains made by Stadler which are currently in service.

New trains made by Bombardier, which also have no first-class seating are expected to come into service in the spring, fully replacing existing electric trains running between Cambridgeshire, Ipswich, Essex, Hertfordshire and London Liverpool Street.

Greater Anglia will no longer offer first-class seating on trains in the region
Greater Anglia will no longer offer first-class seating on trains in the region

Commuters who currently have a first-class season ticket will be able to switch over to a standard class season ticket without any charge.

The new trains coming into service will be longer, with either five carriages or ten in each train, which will equate to more seating and help meet rising demand.

Martin Moran, Greater Anglia commercial, customer service and train presentation director, said: “After listening to customer feedback and analysing growing passenger numbers and railway capacity, we’ve taken this step to make journeys better for the vast majority of our customers."

Non-regional routes on the network will still offer first-class seating for the time being, but this will also be removed in September 2020.

For older, existing trains in the region which are not being replaced by new models, the first-class seating will also be declassified in September.