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First council house built in 20 years will ‘change family’s life’

LIFE-CHANGING: Stephanie and Jake Brooks cut the pink ribbon and pick up the keys for their new home
LIFE-CHANGING: Stephanie and Jake Brooks cut the pink ribbon and pick up the keys for their new home

A family say their new council house, the first built by Mid Suffolk District Council in more than 20 years, will change their lives.

The three-bedroom bungalow in Thurston is part of the council’s new-build programme, one of 38 homes being built in Mid Suffolk and 27 in Babergh.

Stephanie Brooks collected the keys for her new home on Thursday and moved in on Friday with her son Jake.

Jake, six, suffers from a rare mitochondrial disease called maternally inherited Leigh’s Syndrome which means he needs to use a wheelchair.

Speaking before the big move, she said: “The house is amazing, I absolutely love it and can’t wait to move in.

“It’s going to completely change everything for us.

“We move in on Friday so it’s all action stations.

“My son has a mitochondrial disease, which means he has to be in a wheelchair most of the time.

“It affects the batteries in the cells in his body, meaning he can walk but only very short distances.

“If you could see our last house you would see how unsuitable it was for us.

“Being on one level will mean he doesn’t have to crawl upstairs every night and can got to the toilet with some dignity.

“It will give him some independence and some freedom, something he has never really had.

“I really cannot put into words how this new home will change our lives.”

The new home is part of Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council’s join project to provide 65 new council homes across both districts.

Stephanie and Jake’s new home has been designed with their needs in mind and futureproofed to allow modification and adaption to keep up with their ongoing needs.

Councillor Nick Gowrley, Mid Suffolk’s portfolio holder for housing, said he was pleased the council had the opportunity to have such a positive impact on a family’s life.

“We are all delighted that our new tenants will be available to move into their new home in the very near future,” he said.

“All of the new council homes are a landmark for both Mid Suffolk and Babergh but this one in particular has really helped a family in our community.

“This property has been specifically designed with wheelchair accessibility in mind”.