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Thetford fraudster sentenced after buying car on employer's account and privately reselling it

A Thetford man has been sentenced to a community order and unpaid work commitment after purchasing a car worth £11,638 on his employer's account and privately reselling it, pocketing the money for himself.

David Wincote, 37, bought the car, something he did not have permission to do, back in August 2017 when he was working at a car dealership in Cambridge.

He then privately sold on the car to an unknowing purchaser and pocketed the money.

Cambridge Crown Court.
Cambridge Crown Court.

The company’s finance team were alerted to the transaction in late 2018, but although having a record of the car being purchased they had no record of selling the car and there was no sign of it on site.

An initial investigation by Suffolk police tracked the vehicle to an address in the Suffolk area.

The new owner of the vehicle claimed he had purchased the car for £10,500 after seeing it advertised on a well-known car trading site and no suspicions were raised as all the documentation seemed to be in order.

The owner of the car explained Mr Wincote told them he was selling the car on behalf of his mother-in-law.

When officers in Cambridgeshire caught up with Wincote, he denied any knowledge of the car and ever selling it on, however text messages between himself and the new owner of the car were unearthed during the interview.

At this point Wincote admitted it was his phone number, but denied any knowledge of the messages, vehicle or the sale.

In a second interview, Wincote blamed his ex-partner, who had unwittingly helped facilitate the test drive and purchase of the vehicle while Wincote was at work.

When questioned about transactions for thousands of pounds from his then partner’s account to his, Wincote claimed these were nothing to do with the sale of the car and that she had agreed to help him out financially after he had been made redundant and forced to take a lower paid job.

Wincote, of Maine Street, Thetford, later pleaded guilty to theft by employee and fraud by false representation.

He was handed an 18-month community order at Cambridge Crown Court yesterday and was also ordered to undertake 80 hours of unpaid work.

DC Anna Griffiths, who investigated, said: ”Wincote thought he could blag his way out of the situation by first denying any involvement and then blaming his ex-partner.

“He purchased a vehicle on the company account and sold it off privately, keeping the money for himself, something, which he wasn’t allowed to do.

“The judge in this case agreed that the vehicle can stay with the new owner so I am pleased they haven’t been financially impacted by Wincote’s actions.”

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