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GCSE results: St Benedict's students celebrate after 'long time coming'

Students at a school have shared in celebrating their GCSE results saying it was a 'long time coming' - and there were even twins sharing good news together.

The latest cohort at St Benedict's Catholic School in Bury St Edmunds said it was 'a bit of an unknown' after receiving their grades in what has been a turbulent and uncertain last few months.

Casey Feehan, 16, from Bury, achieved mostly seven, eight and nines and said considering the circumstances, he was happy.

Pictured: Casey Feehan, 16. PICTURE: Mecha Morton.
Pictured: Casey Feehan, 16. PICTURE: Mecha Morton.

"I wasn't expecting them to be as good with the situation that was going on but I am happy considering," he said.

"It's been a long time coming."

Yousef Georgy, 15, from Moreton Hall achieved nine nines out of all eleven subjects including maths, geography, chemistry, physics and english literature. He also achieved one eight and a seven.

Some of the students celebrating their results. PICTURE: Mecha Morton.
Some of the students celebrating their results. PICTURE: Mecha Morton.

He said the last few months had been 'a bit of an unknown' and wasn't sure how he'd do after the confusion surrounding A-level results.

Yousef is going on to study biology, chemistry, physics and maths at St Benedict's next school year.

There were even twins celebrating their results together today - Charlie and Luc Landenberger, both 16, achieved all sevens and above and will both go on to do further study at St Benedict's.

Headteacher, Imogen Senior, said the results were a fair reflection of the students' efforts and demonstrated the 'robust' data used by teachers at the school in predicting grades.

She said: "The centre assessed grades that we submitted were based on robust data held in school, and are in line with the strong results achieved by similar cohorts in previous years.

"As a school we have a good understanding of our own data and our forecast grades in recent years have been very similar to those final grades achieved through exams, and therefore we hope that our students feel supported by the integrity of this process and are proud of the grades that they have achieved."

She added: "These are a generation of young people who through no fault of their own have been denied the opportunity to prove themselves and it is only right that we should celebrate their achievement, based as it is on their considerable work and effort."

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