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Bury St Edmunds passengers will pay £200 more for Greater Anglia service to London this year

Bury St Edmunds rail passengers are paying up to £200 more for a season ticket than last year, as they go back to work this week.

Greater Anglia will increase season ticket prices by around 2.6 per cent on January 2, which will also seen weekly fares to Ipswich raised to £60 for the first time.

The franchise holder has raised prices as the Peterborough to Ipswich service, which serves Bury, has been hit by cancellations in recent weeks.

A new style Greater Anglia train
A new style Greater Anglia train

This includes on Monday, December 30, when all trains along the route - which also serves Ely - were suspended and replaced by buses.

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has asked to meet Greater Anglia, and described the setbacks as a ‘ridiculous state of affairs’.

Greater Anglia has introduced a new fleet of trains but wider signalling problems have meant they were not able to teach drivers how to use them in time to meet demand.

Barry Moore, of pressure group Ipswich and East Suffolk Campaign for Better Transport, said: “They were relying on their new trains after selling off their old stock.

“This has left them with too few trains and we are seeing the consequences. The Ipswich to Peterborough line has really suffered.”

Greater Anglia has apologised for the disruption and said driver training has now resumed.

The firm said the 2.6 per cent increase applies to government regulated fares, such as season tickets and anytime singles and returns.

A spokesman told the Bury Free Press: “We need to apply this increase, as many of our costs will increase by at least 2.8 per cent in line with inflation.”

Bury St Edmunds rail tickets (25602073)
Bury St Edmunds rail tickets (25602073)

Barry Moore said: “I think this increase is premature as there is a review going on into rail fares.

“It is part of a larger review aimed at simplifying the process and while that is happening I thought that prices could be held.

“The system is so complicated now. They need to work out cost per mile. There are odd quirks, like I can get to Leicester from Stowmarket for £10 less if I book tickets from Stowmarket to Peterborough and then from Peterborough to Leicester.”