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Bury St Edmunds Check My Hearing clinic opens in town centre

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A new service has opened offering expert advice for people’s hearing needs.

Check My Hearing, is based in the health centre above Croasdales Pharmacy in the Traverse, Bury St Edmunds.

Its a new private venture by audiologist, Joshua Knight, 32, who decided to go into business himself during lockdown.

Joshua Knight launched his new business, this month. Picture by Mecha Morton
Joshua Knight launched his new business, this month. Picture by Mecha Morton

“Lockdown gave me time to put my plans together and get the business under way,” said Joshua, from Sudbury.

“I’ve worked in audiology for more than 10 years both for high street chains and global hearing aid companies and have always wanted to start my own business.

“With our service, customers can expect a gold standard service using the latest technology, with their hearing assessed for lifestyle needs.

Audiologist Joshua Knight first trained with the NHS.
Audiologist Joshua Knight first trained with the NHS.

“But I am also keen on caring for our customers which I think is a service that is missing from a lot of the high street chain services.

“We aim to guide patients to the correct technology and offer a bespoke experience for anyone who visits us.”

Joshua trained initially with the NHS but was first inspired to become an audiologist after witnessing his father’s hearing loss problems.

“My father first had problems with his hearing in his 50s and now lives with severe to profound hearing loss,” said Joshua.

“Spending my youth in audiology clinics, I become fascinated with ears and, generally how we hear, and this is where my passion for creating a family- centred to hearing loss began.

“Hearing loss can affect also affect those around the person with hearing problems and there is a certain amount of counselling that goes with the audiologist’s role.”

Check My Hearing offers free hearing tests and a free trial of the latest hearing aid technology. An independent business it can provide access to all hearing instruments.

“We also look to match equipment, and cost to people’s lifestyles whether that be from hearing the TV correctly to a noisy work environment,” said Joshua.

“We also offer an earwax removal service which is important for hearing to get this done professionally.

“People should never use cotton buds for this for example as it can pack the wax in and lead to problems.”