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Nightmare for Borley Green near Bury St Edmunds as HGVs damage telegraph poles

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A man has spoken out after HGVs damaged the telegraph poles near his home - triggering a months-long nightmare for him and his neighbours.

Ali Everett, of Borley Green near Woolpit, said there has been a recent increase in HGV traffic through the village.

Over the past six months, this has led to several cases of infrastructural damage.

Borley Green residents gathered around one of the damaged telegraph poles
Borley Green residents gathered around one of the damaged telegraph poles

After one incident a fortnight ago, Mr Everett and several other villagers lost their broadband connection.

A neighbour’s hedge was also damaged by a passing vehicle.

Mr Everett said: “We still haven’t quite got broadband or phone, and, obviously, at the minute, a lot of people are still working from home.”

A telegraph pole was dislodged by the HGV.

While workers did attend and fix it back into its previous position, Mr Everett claims it is still highly unstable, posing a risk to drivers and the community at large.

Although he says he queried the possibility of installing a replacement, BT allegedly told him that they are having difficulties sourcing new telegraph poles.

His own Internet connectivity has been restored, but his neighbours are still reporting phone and WiFi issues.

Mr Everett said of the troublesome pole: “If that (telegraph pole) gets the lightest touch by a lorry, that’s going to fall over, into the neighbour’s house or onto somebody.

“It’s getting to the point where I don’t know who to talk to - it’s becoming a disaster.”

The roads through Borley Green are tight, and Mr Everett does not believe they are suited to the current levels of HGV traffic.

He said the increase is due to new commercial developments in the surrounding area.

Mr Everett has taken a number of steps to warn passers-by of the supposed risks posed by the unstable pole, erecting a number of makeshift signs in the road leading up to the village.

He remains concerned at the prospect of harm arising from the damage, and by continued heavy HGV traffic.

A BT spokesperson said the firm carried out work in Borley Green at the end of February to repair some of the damage.