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Ixworth great-grandmother speaks on BBC Radio 1 Xtra after she accidentally phones presenter Reece Parkinson

An 83-year-old great-grandmother ended up on a national radio show after accidentally calling the presenter when she thought she had phoned her friend.

Daphne Stoggles, of Ixworth , dialled what she thought was the number for her friend Jean Barty, of Stowmarket , and left a voicemail message for her.

However, she had actually somehow managed to phone BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter Reece Parkinson, who was delighted by the 'sweet' message.

Toni Bird and Daphne Stoggles
Toni Bird and Daphne Stoggles

He returned her call and spoke to her on his show earlier this month, giving a shocked Daphne the chance to choose a song and give a message to the audience.

Daphne, who asked for a 'really upbeat' track by her favourites the Bee Gees, told Reece: "I hope everybody is taking care of themselves - not being silly. Think of everyone else - think of everybody."

Speaking to the Bury Free Press about her brush with fame, she said: "I don't know what went wrong. I was ringing my friend Jean in Stowmarket. She didn't answer so I left her a little message hoping she was well.

"Then after lunch my son Jeremy picked up the phone and answered to this Reece. I thought someone was pulling my leg. It was a bit of a shock.

"He was very pleasant to talk to. I daren't ring Jean's number now. She was 90 last weekend and I really wanted to get back to her and wish her a happy birthday."

Reece who played Daphne 'Staying Alive' by the Bee Gees asked if she was a fan of Stormzy and if she had a favourite track of his. He said: "Daphne you are the sweetest human being."

Daphne's granddaughter Toni Bird, 43, who lives near King's Lynn, said her nan's message to the nation 'sums her up' as she was always thinking of others.

Toni, a fund-raising co-ordinator for Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge, said her nan takes residents in the village shopping and drives to Ipswich to take her 98-year-old great aunt food shopping and to visit the cemetery.

Daphne added: "I've had people ringing me up (since being on the radio). My friends said I ought to have a contract with the BBC."

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