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Suffolk's response to Covid-19 to be reviewed by Nottingham Trent University and the Hydra Foundation

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A ‘lessons learned’ review of Suffolk’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic will begin this month, with early results set to be published just weeks later.

The independent review commissioned by Suffolk Resilience Forum will be carried out by Nottingham Trent University and the Hydra Foundation on December 15.

A resilience forum spokesperson said it will ‘aim to collect the views of the tactical and strategic responders’.

Endeavour House. Picture: Suffolk County Council
Endeavour House. Picture: Suffolk County Council

The review is to use a method called 10,000 Volts, which features digital technology capturing text feedback from any number of respondents taking part together, with those sharing their feedback able to remain anonymous.

The invitation letter to people involved in Suffolk’s response, said: “This unique methodology allows all participants to share their experiences and challenge, support and build on comments written by others. It was designed to enable all voices to be heard. The integrity of the system ensures that at no time are any comments attributable to any person or organisation.”

Feedback will include elements of the response which worked well, areas in need of improvement and what changes need to be made in future.

The resilience forum said that Nottingham Trent will publish a recommendations report on January 12, which will then be used for further analysis.

That report will inform what further analysis and reviews happen in 2022, but Enable East have already been recruited to do a further review of recommendations next year, a spokesperson said.

According to the resilience forum, Suffolk’s review will be the 19th the Hydra Foundation has tackled in relation to the pandemic.

The debrief is being commissioned separately to the Government’s planned national review in 2022, although it was confirmed that Suffolk would feed into that work as well.