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Petition denouncing state of Suffolk roads reaches nearly 1,000 signatures

A petition denouncing the state of Suffolk roads has reached nearly 1,000 signatures.

The petition, which is aimed at Suffolk County Council and the Government’s Department for Transport, is calling for comprehensive repairs on existing roadways as well as the implementation of suitable drainage systems.

In a statement alongside the petition, Phil Robson, who launched it last Monday, said poorly maintained roads and inadequate drainage systems were resulting in cars being damaged.

The Avenue, Great Barton. Picture: submitted
The Avenue, Great Barton. Picture: submitted

He added: “Suffolk’s road network is vital for our daily lives – for commuting to work or school, visiting family and friends, or accessing healthcare and other services.

“It is unacceptable that we should face such issues due to lack of proper maintenance.”

A March 2023 report released by the Asphalt Industry Alliance revealed 18 per cent of roads across England and Wales had less than five years of life remaining, with nearly a third having between five and 15 years.

Fornham Road, Bury St Edmunds. Picture: Paul Derrick
Fornham Road, Bury St Edmunds. Picture: Paul Derrick

In Suffolk, the council’s budget, approved earlier this month, included a £48.2m capital investment into Suffolk’s highways for the next financial year, amounting to £197m over the next five years, the bulk of which was put toward maintenance.

Many who signed the petition shared their concerns with driving through Suffolk roads, particularly as many have become flooded, making them effectively invisible when driving.

A signatory to the petition said: “I have had to spend too much money fixing my car due to the state of the roads in Suffolk and now even have to avoid puddles in case there is another pothole hiding under them.

Potholes on Baythorne Bridge, which crosses the River Stour, in Baythorne End, near Haverhill. Picture: Steve Barton
Potholes on Baythorne Bridge, which crosses the River Stour, in Baythorne End, near Haverhill. Picture: Steve Barton

“The roads are the worst they have ever been.”

Another added: “My sister suffered head injuries due to being thrown from her bike after hitting a pothole.

“Roads in poor repair risk causing injury, potentially death and deter people from taking the greener option of using bikes on our roads.”

Click here for the petition.

A Suffolk County Council spokesperson said: “Highway authorities up and down the country are battling with the challenges of worsening road conditions brought about the cold and wet weather this time of year.

“Suffolk is tackling issues head on by increasing resource and committing extra funding, and trialling new ways of working, such as the recently promoted dragon patcher.

“We recognise there is much to do, however the county council has doubled the number of pothole repairs in the past two months when compared with the same period last year and is working around the clock to maintain the highway to a safe standard, ensuring we keep Suffolk moving.

“Highways issues which meet the intervention standards are picked up through routine inspections, or when they’re reported via the Online Reporting Tool.

“We encourage residents to report any issues to Suffolk Highways, so they can be inspected and repaired if needed.”