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Bury Free Press readers have written open letters to Jo Churchill MP regarding Boris Johnson

A number of readers have sent copies of open letters to Bury St Edmunds MP Jo Churchill about Boris Johnson and 'partygate'.

As a constituent I have little choice in the national policies. On many occasions I have spoilt the General Election ballot paper out of despair. All I wish is to vote for someone or a party that supports decent hardworking people who are the backbone of the United Kingdom.

The political circus of Boris Johnson and his Cabinet has descended Government into a cesspit of snakes and vipers. ‘Sorry’ and ‘we will learn’ does not cut it with myself or the many people I meet. The Prime Minister’s continued shielding behind investigations into celebrations in Downing Street and beyond have been judged by the court of public opinion and Boris Johnson has to go. Honour and integrity has no room for a serial purveyor of misleading statements that are far from the truth.

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor

Our public sector has been run down and the Brexit promise of £350 million a week for the NHS has vanished. It is people who pay National Insurance who are now going to foot the bill. They are the people who have also seen fast tracked friends and fraudsters reap eye watering sums of money over the last two years.

Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party were elected on taking back our freedoms from Europe. While some on the Government benches sought to protect civil liberties associated to Covid, the same people introduced measures that will make criminals of people seeking only justice through peaceful protest. We appear to find ourselves in a dictatorship which is far from the democracy of a civilised country that is open, fair and law abiding.

Employers up and down the country dismiss staff who damage their company’s reputation. The same should apply to the Prime Minister and associates. The shame of a self-promoting Prime Minister, who every day is clearly still in it for himself while even now being investigated by the police, doesn’t wash. Decent people know he is not fit for the office he holds, as do experienced senior Conservative parliamentarians. We have a Government of misfits and the public deserves much better.

Please help bring back some decency back into politics and do the decent thing by helping to remove Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Peter Gaskin, Bury St Edmunds


I would like your opinion in respect to my reading of the situation facing the Prime Minister.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff: The Prime Minister broke the rules that he decided were necessary for the good of the country and which he introduced. Those rules prevented people being with loved ones, even on their death beds.

Constituents have asked for Jo Churchill MP to voice her opinion on 'Partygate'
Constituents have asked for Jo Churchill MP to voice her opinion on 'Partygate'

He broke those rules not just once but on numerous occasions. We don’t need a police investigation to tell us what we already know and which he subsequently admitted.

However, initially, when he was found out he went to Parliament and misled (lied) and said all the rules Misleading parliament is breaching the ministerial code.

End of story – who needs anything else? He is a disgrace and should resign.

But his arrogance and belief that he has the right to carry on, irrespective of behaving in a way that others were not allowed to do, will mean he has to be forced out. Either by his own Party or the electorate.

As a Conservative MP what do you think he should do?

I await your views and would appreciate a proper response to my letter and not just a standard response from your office.

Yvonne Cleary, via email


I would like to know your assessment, as my MP, of the numerous shocking, social events allegedly attended by the PM, officials and senior members of your party during Covid restrictions.

Loyalty is an admirable personal characteristic, but loyalty is something to be earned. Many of your constituents feel the PM does not deserve or warrant any such support, given the likelihood that the case against him for lying to the press, parliament and public, is now overwhelming.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Eddie Dougall, Walsham le Willows


My husband and I would be interested to know what your plans are in regards to the future of the Prime Minister.

Have you decided to put a letter of no confidence into the 1922 committee? As constituents of yours we believe that this electorate should be made aware of how you view the Prime Minister’s behaviour. Personally we feel it shows a huge lack of respect for the electorate, and for the many many people who have done their very best to follow rules and guidelines for the sake of the whole country, even through the hardest of personal circumstances.

We look forward to a considered response rather than an automatically generated one.

Helen and Ian Cullen, via email


I am writing to voice my concern about the conduct of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. How much longer can he keep hiding behind reports and police inquiries? It’s just embarrassing now.

The fact that the police have had to get involved should be shameful enough to warrant his resignation.

Our country needs a plan to stop people suffering this winter with heating bills doubling and the prices of everyday items going up at an unaffordable rate.

So, I would like to know where you stand in all this? I know you always take the party line, but there must come a time when you need to put the country first.

Gill Malik, Bury St Edmunds


I have recently become appalled at the increasingly obvious inappropriate behaviours of Prime Minister Johnson.

He repeatedly behaves inappropriately and is displaying dishonesty to the British public and indeed to Parliament. What is even more appalling is that Members of Parliament are standing by Prime Minister Johnson, despite all of the evidence presented. This matter really is now starting to taint all of the Government. It is therefore important to me as a constituent to ensure that my MP has the personal integrity and courage to do what is right and speak out.

I would appreciate your views surrounding the ‘partygate’ issue and to know your intentions as my MP in how you intend to hold Prime Minister Johnson to account.

As an NHS employee I am only too well aware of Prime Minister Johnson’s lack of ability to manage a pandemic, particularly right now. However the behaviour he displays and total disregard for the rules he put in place is abhorrent. He should go, but we all realise that he is not an honourable man and will not go willingly.

It feels ironic that the Prime Minister can openly lie in parliament, but MPs cannot call out these lies. The behaviour of Prime Minister Johnson brings all of the Government into disrepute.

I would appreciate you confirming your intentions in terms of how you will proceed to address this matter on behalf of your constituents.

Mark Cooke, via email