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Bury Free Press readers' letters to the editor

Racism, football, the environment and famous friends feature among this week's letters.


I was an activist during the Civil Rights movement in the USA in the 1960s and 70s and it is a harsh truth to see how much still needs to be done world-wide to change the accepted norm of racial inequality.

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I commend the BSE4BL demonstration on the 3rd of July, which I took part in, and the excellent article by Afrika and Tamika Green in your paper last week debunking some of the myths surrounding these issues.

The racial abuse suffered by some of England’s greatest footballers and the appallingly regressive if not downright racist response by the government and other politicians, serves to highlight just how deeply ingrained prejudice is, but more importantly, how some people think it’s all right to spew their racist views in public and ‘get away with it’.

Racists get away with it all the time. Whether it’s conscious or unconscious, there are vast swathes of the population whose racist behaviour underscores the daily struggle black and other ethnic people face and why the work of BSE4BL and similar organisations is sadly necessary.

Maybe some of your readers are people who don’t want to join a protest march or be part of an organisation fighting to create equal opportunities; not everyone feels able to do that. But silence is collusion, and one way to support change and to make a difference is to do what the late, great US Congressman and Civil Rights activist, John Lewis, said: “When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something.”

There’s no doubt that it takes courage to call out racist behaviour; it takes more courage to be black in this society and face racism every day and survive.

Jo Ellen Grzyb, Bury St Edmunds


Can someone explain to me what possessed our team – having lost to worthy opponents – to behave in such a petulant manner after being presented with well-earned runners up medals?

Did they think they should have won?

To see our players discard the honours bestowed upon them in such a childish and petulant manner was embarrassing, so different to the mutual respect and good wishes both goalkeepers showed to each other prior to the ‘shoot out’.

I felt quite sorry for Gareth Southgate, who had managed the team to the best of his ability, and deserved better behaviour from his players.

As a youngster I was taught that, although it is very nice to win, the taking part was what really mattered, and to be chosen to represent your country makes you a winner from the outset. But please, do learn to accept defeat with some dignity and good manners.

Brian Davies, Bury St Edmunds


Here are photographs (below) of two areas in Bury St Edmunds and I would be interested to know if anyone from the local council can advise as to why there is such a difference in the upkeep of these.

Cycle lanes in Risbygate Street, left, and Beetons Way, right. Picture sent in by Gloria Meen.
Cycle lanes in Risbygate Street, left, and Beetons Way, right. Picture sent in by Gloria Meen.

One photo is of the cycle lane in Risbygate Street (left) and the other is the cycle lane in Beetons Way.

Quite a difference I would say!

Gloria Meen, Bury St Edmunds


I was interested to read about the Green Fair held in The Apex last week

I wonder if the problem of plastics was highlighted. The use of single use plastic has escalated, not helped by the Pandemic and home grocery deliveries. I have read that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

I have been filling two litre plastic bottles with single use plastics, these will be used as ECO bricks in building projects both at home and abroad. Filling the bottles to the correct weight is a challenge and time consuming. I was therefore delighted to learn that the Co-op have introduced recycling bins for single use plastics in 1,500 of their stores. There is one at the branch in Mildenhall Road.

I hope this information will be of interest to your readers and encourage them to take up the challenge of reducing single use plastic here in Bury St Edmunds.

Sue Soper, Great Saxham


How lovely to see a piece in the paper (Bury Free Press, July 9) all about our local celebrity, Norah Lofts.

I grew up hearing tales about her from my mother. She was lucky enough to be taught by her at the Guildhall Feoffment School for Girls and eventually they struck up a friendship.

She took a muddle of wool to school one day and asked if anyone could untangle and wind it for her. Mum volunteered and from then on they were friends. To thank her, Norah took her to Palmers Tea Shop – how posh – and they had cakes on a stand and tea.

They kept in touch and when I was born, Norah also had a baby – her son Clive (named for Clive of India) and mum took me on a visit to her little house in Southgate Street. She noticed how much weight Mrs Jorisch had gained after the birth and was amazed to find it was the baby’s nappies wrapped around her body – to make sure they were aired. This was one of mum’s favourite tales and she was very proud of her famous friend. Here name was Dorothy Cotton and she became Dorothy Knights but, of course, she’s long gone, although her lovely memories linger on.

Jan Howlett, Bury St Edmunds


Regarding the front page story (Bury Free Press, July 2), may I politely suggest that the writer of the article and the gentleman concerned, take a moment to read the article on page 29 regarding West Suffolk Hospital Foundation Trust.

Having done that, they can use their obvious skill and superior knowledge of the NHS, politics and funding in general, and take responsibility for everything, including an unprecedented pandemic, an ageing population, people with rising and sometimes unrealistic expectations of the welfare state and NHS, and dated hospital building which are due to be replaced in the next few years – not difficult, surely?

M M Bowers, Bury St Edmunds

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