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Local government results for Red Lodge, Newmarket and Hundon

Local government by-elections for Newmarket, Red Lodge and Hundon have been declared, following the count held at Newmarket Leisure Centre yesterday.

Andrew Drummond has been elected to represent the Suffolk County Council division of Newmarket and Red Lodge.

Karen Soons has been elected to represent the West Suffolk Council ward of Newmarket North.

Douglas Nimmons has been elected to Hundon Parish Council.

Ballot box.
Ballot box.

The full results were:

Newmarket and Red Lodge Division

Andrew Jeffrey Appleby, Independent - 248 votes

Theresa Louise Chipulina, Labour - 198 votes

Andrew Drummond, Conservative - 893 votes

Jonny Edge, Liberal Democrat - 315 votes

Alice Haylock, Green - 123 votes

Turnout 17.24 per cent.

Newmarket North Ward

Ruth Allen, Independent - 118 votes

Theresa Louise Chipuline, Labour - 73 votes

Jonny Edge, Liberal Democrat - 130 votes

Alice Haylock, Green Party - 44 votes

Karen Soons, Conservative - 309 votes

Frank Stennett, Independent - 54 votes

Turnout 19.52 per cent.

Hundon Parish Council

Douglas Kerr Nimmons - 177 votes

Margaret Josephine Timothy - 162 votes

Turnout 37.9 per cent.