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Great Finborough man who threatened to stab ex-partner's new boyfriend with a hunting knife is spared jail

A man who threatened to stab his ex-partner's new boyfriend with a hunting knife has been spared jail.

Luke Hutchinson, 33, of High Road, Great Finborough, Suffolk, appeared at Ipswich Crown Court today for sentencing after earlier pleading guilty to a single charge of making a threat to kill.

It followed an incident on January 8 this year when ex-partner, Tanif Rashid, arrived to pick up the couple's three children, who were in Hutchinson's home at the time.

Ipswich Crown Court.
Ipswich Crown Court.

The court heard that after Miss Rashid had knocked on the door, Hutchinson, a pub worker, tried to push past her, saying he was going to 'attack' her new partner, of one year, Aarron Landymore, who was waiting in the car.

Mr Landymore had waited in the car because he was "under the impression" Hutchinson "didn't like him".

The court heard that as Miss Rashid ushered the children out of the house, Hutchinson also grabbed a hunting knife and said he was "going to stab Mr Landymore" and he "didn't care" if it him meant him going to prison.

Miss Rashid recorded Hutchinson's words and later played it to Mr Landymore, who in a statement said he "genuinely believed the threats could be carried out", he was "very frightened" and decided to call the police.

Hutchinson was arrested three days later and was very "upset and tearful" when he heard the recording, but admitted it was him.

The court heard that he had been celebrating his birthday weekend when the incident happened and after first drinking Stella, his brother had later brought him some vodka.

He admitted he had a 'problem with drinking' and that once he started drinking, he "couldn't stop".

He also could not remember 'speaking or arguing' with Miss Rashid or getting a knife.

He said on 'scale of one to 10 of being drunk" he ranked himself "four".

Hutchinson's new partner, and her child were also in the house at the time of the incident.

Defending, Miss Natasha Nair, told the court Hutchinson was of previous good character and sentencing should take this into consideration, along with an early guilty plea, the fact he had now stopped drinking altogether, is willing to comply with any alcohol treatment, has taken up an apprenticeship in plumbing and hasn't been able to see his children, since January.

"It is extremely out of character for him born of alcohol misuse," Miss Nair told the court.

"He has now stopped drinking completely and he appreciates when he drinks he makes stupid mistakes."

Sentencing him to 54 weeks imprisonment, suspended for two years, Judge Richard Atchley, said: "The threat to kill was made even more serious by virtue of the fact by doing so, you produced a large hunting knife and brandished it, the fact you were also drunk is an aggravating factor, and presence of your shared children and another child in the house

"One mitigating factor is lack of previous convictions and the fact you are 33--years-old and have had no previous run ins with the courts.

"You said you didn't care about going to prison, and you are not. But you might, unless you behave yourself in the future."

Hutchinson was also ordered to pay £200 compensation to Miss Rashid, £425 costs, and an order was made for the knife to be forfeited and destroyed.

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