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I refer to the letter by John Shayer in last week’s Bury Free Press, in

which he complains about other motorists’ bad behaviour, and, whereas I understand his frustration over some of the points he raises, he, like myself – an OAP motorist – needs to accept that modern cars are so ridiculously easy to drive that the skill is

not in being able to drive, but in how you drive and interact with other road users, and this is where so many of today’s drivers don’t ‘read the road’, behind as well as in front of them, being only concerned with their own progress and destination.

For what it’s worth, I have found that demonstrating courtesy to other road users has very often set off a ‘chain reaction’ resulting in other motorists following suit, leading to a more pleasant experience all round.

If I am wrong, I apologise to Mr Shayer in advance for guessing his motoring is mainly local? and that the ‘cut-and-thrust’ of negotiating the likes of, say, the North Circular, Hyde Park Corner, Spaghetti Junction and motorways in general, would not be his forte – otherwise he would accept that it’s ‘dog eat dog’ out there today and just ‘go with the flow’!

Unfortunately ‘manners maketh the man’ does not include a great number of today’s motorists, more’s the pity.

Brian Davies

Bury St Edmunds


Last year’s Barnardo’s annual Big Toddle fund-raiser saw thousands of under-fives take part in short, sponsored ‘toddles’ to raise money for the UK’s largest children’s charity, which supports more than 300,000 children, young people, parents and carers across the UK.

We are now once again calling for children, families and nurseries to join in the fun this summer as Big Toddle Week returns with an animal theme from June 24-30.

Parents, carers and nurseries can hold their very own Big Toddles to help raise money for Barnardo’s –this could involve a community Big Toddle, one for families and friends or one organised by nurseries or primary schools.

We are really grateful for everyone taking part as the money raised helps our vital services continue to support hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children, young people, parents and carers.

Those who register by May 20 will receive a Big Toddle pack containing information and fundraising ideas. To register to hold your own Big Toddle or for further information, visit www.bigtoddle.org.uk or call 0800 008 7005.

Hugh Sherriffe

Director, Barnardo’s South East and Anglia Region


Following a highly successful conference and consultation in March for the new Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Partnership, I wish to thank all attendees and presenters for their input, which is helping us to shape our final submission for funding to the National Lottery Heritage Fund in May. We were delighted to see around 100 people at the conference, all with an interest in the unique Brecks area of Suffolk and Norfolk.

The aim of our new Landscape Partnership, which will be hosted by Suffolk County Council and based in Thetford, is to focus on important freshwater aspects of The Brecks. The scheme is a legacy of the Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership Scheme which was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and ran in the area between 2013 and 2017.

We have spent the last couple of weeks taking on board feedback from the conference and we would still welcome any comments on our plans from members of the public, local businesses and other organisations who are based in and around the area. It is vital that our submission reflects the wishes of local people. To find out more about the scheme or provide feedback on our plans of whatever nature, contact me at bfer.admin@suffolk.gov.uk. We look forward to a successful submission to the NLHF and, hopefully, to taking the scheme forward from 2020.

Nick Dickson

Scheme development manager, Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Partnership


I have lived with Parkinson’s for the past eight years, and I am now proud to be part of charity Parkinson’s UK’s new ‘Parkinson’s Is’ campaign, which aims to shatter public misconceptions about the condition by highlighting the reality of everyday life for those living with it.

Despite Parkinson’s being the second most prevalent neuro-degenerative condition after Alzheimer’s, public understanding of the condition and the full impact it has on the lives of those affected, remains low.

Too many people still think that Parkinson’s is ‘just the shakes’, when in fact it is a serious condition with more than 40 symptoms, and we want to change this.

So, please, take just a minute to visit www.parkinsons.org.uk/parkinsons-is to learn more from people with Parkinson’s about what a diagnosis of Parkinson’s truly means – and how you can help.

DJ David ‘Kid’ Jensen

For Parkinson’s UK www.parkinsons.org.uk