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West Suffolk MP Matt Hancock calm as he faces sixth trial in I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Tonight's episode of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! saw West Suffolk MP Matt Hancock take part in his sixth trial since entering the jungle.

The West Suffolk MP, 44, was buried in a metal coffin submerged in sand and filled with a host of not so nice coffin-mates.

The former health secretary and current camp leader was chosen by the public for 'Deserted Down Under'.

He said before the trial: "I'm growing in confidence. I like a challenge anyway. I'm starting to enjoy them and look forward to it.

"It's become part of my morning routine: you get up, have a shave, do a trial, go back for lunch."

The MP then climbed into the pit, was closed in and waited as it was covered in sand, before a klaxon marked the start of the trial.

Matt had to feel around in 'hell holes' for the keys to 11 padlocks, with each padlock unlocking a star – and one meal – for camp.

A host of spiders, cockroaches, creepy crawlies and snakes joined the camp mate in the pit during the trial, while surprises – such as the lights going off intermittently – made the challenge more difficult for the MP.

Pictured: Matt Hancock. Picture: Lifted Entertainment
Pictured: Matt Hancock. Picture: Lifted Entertainment

At one point he said: "Now I have got a snake under my back, which I do not want to sit down on.

"Something's going up my leg – it's inside my shorts."

In 11 minutes Matt managed to unlock seven stars for camp, with the MP telling hosts And and Dec that he managed to keep calm throughout and felt he had now faced his biggest fear – snakes.

Ant and Dec. Picture: From Lifted Entertainment
Ant and Dec. Picture: From Lifted Entertainment

"It was definitely the calmest I have been in a trial," he said on his way back to camp, later adding: "Everyone was really happy when I got back and really positive, but I think they could see I was disappointed with myself."

Later that day, camp leader Matt ruffled a few feathers by suggesting the 'washer uppers' could also clean the potatoes after dirty spuds were delivered as part of the dinner supplies.

Boy George said: "Matt was getting a little feisty earlier.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Picture: Lifted Entertainment
I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Picture: Lifted Entertainment

"He's enjoying his little bit of power."

In breaking news, Matt will not be facing the next trial Angel of Agony as three other celebrities were chosen by the public.


Listening intently as Chris Moyles shared his experience of being dropped from his long-running Radio 1 breakfast show.


Only winning seven stars – and a dinner of camel shoulder – out of a possible 11.

Your views:

On Facebook, Suffolk News reader Lindsey Studd said: "People moan about him doing this but loads of MPs take on a second job while Parliament is open.

"I can understand that it is boring him doing all the tasks and I totally understand that if you had a loved one that you couldn't be with in life or death during covid then it must have been really awful, but I do think that that far worse has been done by other members of Parliament."

Travis Wright, an 18-year-old multimedia journalism student at West Suffolk College

"Matt Hancock has finally not been voted for a trial – perhaps a bit of fatigue from the British public at seeing him on our screens for so long and for so much?

Although, first he did have to be dug six feet under while desperately trying to unlock padlocks with stars on them, surrounded by 30 snakes . . . but still, no trial tomorrow, silver linings I suppose.

Chris Moyles does seem to have overcome his overall hatred of Matt Hancock, branding the 'campmate Matt' different to the more well-known Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Boy George is still getting very rattled over Hancock's every move, we'll have to see how that one plays out. It's expected that Hancock may be voted out on Friday's evictions, but who knows?

His reign over the camp continues relatively smoothly otherwise, perhaps uncharacteristic of his usual surroundings of the Conservative party.

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