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Personal view: What's on my Bury bucket list

I have a relative who lived in Brighton for many years but never once set foot on the pier. Finding this out as a ten-year-old, I was astonished. The idea of living in Brighton conjured thoughts of weekends spent riding the carousel, the dodgems and that really fun water ride, which I hope is still there. But a few years later, I have come to realise that these things don't just happen because you live somewhere. At university in Leicester, I assumed I'd go to the National Space Museum - or at least go down the infamous Bede Park slide which has a few legends attached. While I did finally go down the slide (it was brilliant) after my leaving do, the space museum is still on my list.

The Millennium Tower. On the to-do list. Picture by Mark Westley
The Millennium Tower. On the to-do list. Picture by Mark Westley

Having now lived in Bury for just over a year, I've decided to at least write down some of the things I want to do, maybe in the hope that if the list is public then it is more likely to be achieved.

So here goes:

1. Drink at The Nutshell: I am yet to step inside Britain's smallest pub. The two times I have been down it has been a time when it has been closed.

2. Greene King Brewery tour: On a related note, I am also still to visit the famous brewery.

3. Run in Thetford Forest: Having seen Foals play there last year, I have at least now been to the forest - but among the running community, Thetford is considered a special place to pass through at speed (or not in my case).

4. The view from the tower: Yes, I have been to St Edmundsbury Cathedral, don't worry, but I am yet to see the view from the Millennium Tower. After reading about this and seeing the images from the top, this has gone straight on the list.

Lakenheath railway station, where trains apparently stop now and again Picture Mark Westley
Lakenheath railway station, where trains apparently stop now and again Picture Mark Westley

5. Use Lakenheath station: This is definitely the least likely to happen by the fact a train stops in Lakenheath about once a year, and only if you ask the guard nicely.

There is then the obvious problem of how I get back and don't become stranded in a RSPB park. But, maybe because I am weird, that is part of the thrill. More people have (probably) climbed Mount Everest, walked on the moon or bought Razorlight's most recent album than completed a journey to and from Lakenheath.

Nike has caused a stir in the running world with the concept, and now mass production, of their latest trainers - the catchily named ZoomX Vaporfly Next%.

Complete with a carbon fibre plate and a load of foam stuffing, the bouncy shoes are reminiscent of the Moon Boots seen in an episode of Arthur. For an elite athlete, they could knock 4 per cent from a marathon time - which is perhaps partly why so many records have been set recently. But for us mortals just hoping to finish, they come with a £167 price tag and thoughts of a hard nosed PE teacher saying 'there is no substitute for hard training'. But this didn't stop one entrant in last week's Tunbridge Wells half, who I could tell a few runners were taking great pride in overtaking. He had the last laugh though. If it wasn't for his bright green bouncy Nikes, he might have finished 68th rather than 67th or thereabouts...