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Where to go for all your vegan food needs in Suffolk

If you are someone you know are visiting or live around Suffolk and are in need of some top quality vegan grub, here are the places you need to visit:

Allison's Eatery

Allison's Eatery. Photo: Mecha Morton
Allison's Eatery. Photo: Mecha Morton

Allison's Eatery based on St Olaves Road in Bury St Edmunds is not just a great spot to try vegan afternoon tea or a meat free pulled pork bun. The café has an established suspended coffee system which allows its patrons to not only pay for their own coffee but treat someone in need to a hot drink by adding an extra beverage to their tab.


If you fancy something on the more adventurous scale, a trip to Baskerville's may be just what you need.
Located on Whiting Street in Bury St Edmunds, Baskerville's will leave you wanting more of their high end vegan delights. Whether you're being transported through their magical tipsy tea delivered inside of a smoking basket, chewing on a cocktail in a seaweed pod or simply visiting for a decadent brownie, this is the place to visit for a vegan extravaganza.

Café Rouge

Café Rouge Vegan Afternoon Tea
Café Rouge Vegan Afternoon Tea

A traditionally non-vegan establishment that have been slowly increasing their vegan options is Café Rouge. With numerous locations across Suffolk, this chain caters for both the vegan community and everything in between.

Edmundo Lounge

If you are looking to go shopping and then stop off for lunch Edmundo is a great place to pop into.

With a variety of vegan friendly light-bites, drinks and meals this spots food tastes as good as its interior looks.

Not only is this a great place to enjoy dinner, Edmundo also hosts game nights so you can make an entire evening out of your trip here.

Edmundo Lounge
Edmundo Lounge

Hank's Pub and Food

Located in Ipswich at Hank's Pub and Food everything vegan, even if it doesn't seem like it is. They have burgers with "bacon" or "fish" and chips, don't let the names of the menu items confuse you this is the place to go to for an indulgent vegan dinner.

Prado Lounge

This dog friendly eatery based in Sudbury caters for all types of dietary requirements. In an open and well-lit space this is a great spot to stop in and have a cocktail and unwind of sip on a cup of coffee and watch the world go by.

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