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Bury St Edmunds Great Pottery Throw Down contestant leaves after rollercoaster of a show

A Suffolk potter's dream of making it to the next round of the Great Pottery Throw Down have been dashed after a up and down episode for him.

Henry Moore, from the Bury St Edmunds area, dug in with the remaining potters and took on Garden Week for tonight's show.

The first task was to hand build a fully functioning animal water feature within three-and-a-half hours.

This was the biggest challenge so far in the series having to stand at around 70 to 80cm high and work with a water pump.

The 25-year-old's make was for his girlfriend Ellie, who he nicknames Starlight, and was going to consist of three raccoon playing in a large dustbin.

With their water features in the drying room, the next task was a 45-minute throw down with judge Keith Brymer Jones showing the contestants how to create a 30 to 35cm high strawberry planter with 10kg of clay.

Henry Moore.
Henry Moore.

Starting the throw down, Henry said: "It's really good seeing Keith's technique for throwing large and he says it does not need much strength, but if it does not need much strength then why am I always so puffed out."

But even though the challenge did throw some, Henry made the height at 30cm, with judge Keith saying: "It is brilliant lovely shape. These pockets are absolutely fantastic.

Fellow judge Richard Miller said his planter looked 'really confident' and the pair gave him first place.

Taking in what he had just done, Henry said: "It's given me a little boost of confidence, which is really nice."

Next the contestants had to wait for their makes to come out of the kiln after being in there for 24-hours.

Henry's construction came out with him needing to do a lot to fix it as a middle floor he had in his clay bin had collapsed.

This is did not deter the potter and even though there was much to do in very little time he still managed to paint his piece and make it as functional as he could.

But on judging his 'Bin There, Done That' feature, water did not flow out of it, only on the floor.

With Keith saying: "I know you have had construction issues here. We love your hard work and tenacity."

But in the end, he was chosen to leave the show.

Henry said: "I am really sad to be leaving but every single person here has taught me something different about ceramics but also about being a good human."

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