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'Prospects are once again on the rise': Matt Hancock MP shares his thoughts as West Suffolk Business Festival enters its second week

As I reflect on the past year and a half, I recognise the trials and tribulations that businesses have been presented with under these unique circumstances.

Long term closures, financial hardships and keeping custom are just a few such challenges businesses, both small and large, have faced over the last 18 months.

What is most poignant is the inspiration taken from these businesses when I consider the way they have adapted to operate throughout the pandemic, during and after these challenges.

Matt Hancock MP
Matt Hancock MP

We’ve seen businesses increase their online operations from selling products and services to communicating in a virtual world and developing their social media presence to achieve this.

Moving through the months, it is encouraging to see businesses accelerating out of the pandemic, which is a clear achievement of those operating in West Suffolk.

I have been the Member of Parliament for this constituency for the past 11 years and I have consistently seen that West Suffolk is such a great location for both business and personal growth.

Nowhere is this captured better than at the West Suffolk Business Festival, which I am proud to be supporting as it enters its eleventh year.

As we collectively move out of the pandemic, the festival is a great opportunity to network and support each other and businesses to continue to raise the spirits and prospects that are once again on the rise.

In addition, the festival’s events ensure that this will be a place to encourage practices in keeping with the current climate, including teaching tips on how to effectively use social media to communicate and advertise and a lecture on business sustainability at West Suffolk College.

As we recover from the pandemic it is vital we support our local businesses – who create the jobs, income and prosperity on which we all depend.

This event is one that fundamentally aims to address the business challenges faced during the course of the pandemic which is why it deserves the utmost support.

Providing businesses the chance to develop new and existing acumen skills, broaden their networks and lean on each other as restrictions ease, are all crucial to success post-pandemic.

The West Suffolk Business Festival encompasses all of these opportunities and I have no doubt it will be a valuable event for all those who engage.

Matt Hancock, MP for West Suffolk

For more about the festival, visit: www.businessfestival.org

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