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Thurston joins with Extinction Rebellion as protests against oak tree felling intensify

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Thurston residents have joined forces with Extinction Rebellion in an attempt to stop the felling of oak trees along Ixworth Road.

Several residents arrived this morning, along with climate change activists and 'occupied' one of the remaining oak trees to stop developers from cutting it down.

Two individuals climbed into the tree and tied themselves to it, as others played music and stood around its base.

Thurston resident Mark Steggall, said "It's just about greed. Mid-Suffolk Council and the developers don't even care. I contact them and don't even get a response. They keep using words like progress these days. Is this progress?"

More residents are expected to join the protest through the day, with some pledging to return every day until plans to fell the remaining trees are halted.

Another resident, Chloe Pope, said: "The developers don't care what Thurston looks like. They don't live here."

One of the remaining trees in Thurston
One of the remaining trees in Thurston

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