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Pub and restaurant praise actions of firefighters after Cycle King blaze

Salih Akman, manager of Francela, in the kitchen
Salih Akman, manager of Francela, in the kitchen

The owners of The One Bull pub and manager of Francela resturant, which are either side of Cycle King, have praised firefighters for their actions.

Roxane Marjoram, who owns The One Bull with husband David, said: “The fire teams were amazing and worked really really hard to save the building.

“It was a mammoth exercise for them and we’re so grateful.”

The pair had gone away for the weekend with their two daughters when the fire started and rushed back to Bury when they heard about it.

“It was a devastating feeling watching something like that infront of your eyes and not knowing what the outcome is going to be,” Mrs Marjoram said.

“Our youngest daughter was born in the flat above the pub so there’s a lot of emotional ties here as well.”

The roof at Francela has been destroyed
The roof at Francela has been destroyed

The pub has suffered mainly smoke and water damage and the flat above the pub, where the family live, suffered a small amount of fire damage and a lot of smoke damage.

“We’re all alive, no one was hurt and you’ve got to be grateful,” she said.

“None of us would have ever wanted this to happen in a million years but you’ve got to get on.”

She added that they had been ‘genuinely overwhelmed’ by the messages of support from customers.

The One Bull tweeted today that the guidance being given to them is that they will reopen in mid-Novemeber.

They added: “As soon as we have a firm date we will confirm.”

Salih Akman, manager of Francela, said they were getting ready for a busy Friday night when they smelt smoke and quickly realised there was a fire next door.

“I was thinking it was something small and we brought buckets of water to help but then we saw it was quite a big fire,” he said. “We saw it was getting bigger and bigger and had to go to the opposite side of the road.”

Their kitchen roof has been destroyed and there is smoke and water damage.

“The building was without electricity for a couple of days so all of our stock has gone,” Mr Akman said.

The Mediterranean restaurant launched in December and Mr Akman said they wanted to reopen as soon as they could.

“It’s taken us ages to build up our customers and we don’t want to lose them,” he said. “It was fully booked for Friday and Saturday. We were getting quite popular.”

He apologised to those customers who he couldn’t contact to tell them the restaurant was closed.

Mr Akman said: “I tried to reach most of the people but I couldn’t reach all of them and I want to say sorry. It was out of our hands what happened but we would love to see them again.”

He praised the help of the emergency services including the fire service for saving the restaurant and thanked the community for its support.