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Bury St Edmunds ‘rat-run’ proves a ‘nightmare’ for street’s residents

Residents say they are at the end of their tether after new diversion signs have led to their street being used as a ‘rat-run.’

The residents of Peckham Street, in Bury St Edmunds, say they see up to ‘one-car-a-second’ pass their windows as well as construction vehicles and delivery lorries, after the diversion signs were put up.

Diversion signs have been put up to allow the closure of Tayfen Road and Springfield Road.

Traffic using Peckham Street
Traffic using Peckham Street

Tayfen Road has been closed between February 15 and February 27 at the request of the developers of the Lantern Project and Springfield Road between January 18 and February 21 at the request of the developers of the Weston Homes site.

Multiple roadworks are also going on at the same time, including fixing potholes.

In the meantime road users are using Peckham Street as a cut-through leaving residents distraught.

Peckham Street
Peckham Street

“It’s only a small road and it has been constant for nearly two weeks now,” said resident Zena Battersby.

“It’s a rat-run with cars also speeding, and also dangerous as we have disabled people living along the street, as well as elderly people, and pets. It’s a nightmare.”

Another resident said drivers have also become abusive.

“There was nowhere to park one night and as I wasunloading shopping someone started shouting and swearing at me,” said resident Tracey Cundell.

“There was a queue of about ten cars behind him, but none of them should have been there in the first place. It was upsetting outside your own home.

It’s not the first time this problem has occurred. Last time, we had double-deckers trying to navigate their way through.

A spokesperson for Suffolk Highways said the official diversion route takes traffic to the A14.

“The official route has to be on a similar classified road which can deal with the amount of traffic,” she said.

“It would appear this is not being followed and our Network Assurance Team has been informed.”

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