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Santa's sleigh crash into Bury St Edmunds Javelin shopfront turns vandalised window into festive display feature

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Santa's elves are on the naughty list this year after their poor satnav programming skills sent the big man's sleigh careering into a Bury St Edmunds shop window.

During a test run for Christmas eve, instead of flying down Abbeygate Street and turning right into Angel Corner as intended Santa's satnav instead crashed straight into Javelin's shopfront.

Luckily no reindeer were hurt in the incident, with only Santa's pride taking a bruising, but Javelin's front window still bears the evidence of the unfortunate festive smash.

The vandalised window at Javelin, which has become a feature of its festive window display
The vandalised window at Javelin, which has become a feature of its festive window display

A North Pole source has confirmed Father Christmas' involvement in the incident.

"The force of the impact shook his belly like a bowl full of jelly, but thankfully that 'cushioning' also protected Mr Claus," said the anonymous elf.

"As a result Saint Nick has personally tweaked his satnav settings and sent the elves responsible on a sleigh awareness course as an alternative to receiving three naughty list penalty points."

Javelin owner Jeremy Clayton said the window was, in fact, vandalised at about 11pm on November 5, with the incident reported to the police.

However, the shop's festive window display had already been planned for months, telling the story of Santa crashing his sleigh outside the Angel Hotel and the reindeer escaping and presents flying into the air.

Coincidentally, the sleigh had been due to go where the window was smashed, so the vandalism tied in with Javelin's original window display story.

Mr Clayton said: "Instead of ruining the display, it becomes part of it.

"We're all very proud of the display – we love it. It's bringing smiles to people's faces which can only be a nice thing."

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