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Coronavirus: Suffolk numbers moving slowly against backdrop of worrying national numbers

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Suffolk's coronavirus case numbers have risen steadily in recent days while national figures have taken a worrying turn for the worse.

Today's UK figures show 4,324 new cases compared to 3,009 new cases yesterday and the loss of 563 lives, up from 280 yesterday.

Suffolk, however, and the east of England have not seen any spike in the number of cases, although West Suffolk Hospital released the sad news of two more deaths at the hospital earlier today.

Cases and deaths across the UK rise
Cases and deaths across the UK rise

forty-eight hours ago, case numbers for Suffolk stood at 100, with that number now having moved to 125.

The east of England is experiencing a similar steady climb with case numbers now standing at 1,841.

The total number of cases in the UK now totals 29,474 while deaths have now jumped to 2,352.

These figures are troubling given an apparent, brief slowing of new cases over the weekend, however stricter lockdown measures enforced recently may not be impacting numbers just yet due to the period of time it takes for symptoms to show.

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