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West Suffolk Council by-election candidates announced

Six seats at West Suffolk Council are set to be contested next month for the 2021 local elections, with candidates now having been confirmed for the polls.

The authority has confirmed six by-elections are taking place on May 6, alongside the police and crime commissioner and Suffolk County Council elections.

Those six are the Moreton Hall, Whepstead & Wickhambrook, Abbeygate and Southgate wards where incumbents all resigned, while the seats for Lakenheath and Clare, Hundon and Kedington will be contested following the deaths of David Gathercole and Jim Meikle respectively.

Six seats are up for grabs in the West Suffolk District Council by-election (46014876)
Six seats are up for grabs in the West Suffolk District Council by-election (46014876)

The candidates for the six seats are as follows:

Abbeygate: Cheryl Godber (L), Julia Wakelam (G), Nick Wiseman (C)

Clare, Hundon & Kedington: Nick Clarke (C), Kerry Rogers (L)

Lakenheath: Layla Britton (L), David Chandler (Ind), Gerald Kelly (Ind), Colin Noble (C)

Moreton Hall: Cyrille Bouche (L), Birgitte Mager (C), Barry Thomas (Ind)

Southgate: Chris Dexter-Mills (G), Helen Korfanty (LD), Richard O’Driscoll (L), Sarah Stamp (C)

Whepstead & Wickhambrook: Robin Davies (L), Vicki Martin (G), Sarah Pugh (C)

Key: C – Conservative, L – Labour, LD – Liberal Democrats, G – Green Party, Ind – Independent.

The asterisk denotes a sitting councillor in that authority.

The Greens held Abbeygate from 2019, while Jim Meikle at Clare, Hundon & Kedington and David Gathercole in Lakenheath had both been Independent councillors.

The Conservatives will be hoping to retain Moreton Hall, Southgate and Whepstead & Wickhambrook.